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Logo Design & Tagline Competition

Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh is an Apex body for the promotion of sports in the state. Sports in Andhra Pradesh has its own importance, where many sporting personalities were into limelight. The Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) undertakes the sports development activities such as construction of Stadiums, establishment of sports academies and other sporting related activities. The Sports infrastructure have increased tremendously like improving infrastructure in outdoor and Indoor Stadiums, play fields, sports academies, sports equipment etc. Sports like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi are played mostly in Andhra Pradesh. SAAP over the years has emerged as one of the most participative, inclusive and catalytic body to promote sports in the state. It has collaborated in bringing about change and innovation best practices in the sports sector and much needed infrastructure.

Reflecting the evolving vision and continuing progress and achievement, the Ministry of youth Affairs and Sports has taken decision to invite suggestions/recommendations from students for a new logo and tagline for Project Gaandiva. Hence the requirement for a Logo (along with a Tagline) that furthers its prestige, popularity, image, identity and brand.
The logo and tagline should be presented by the students and the institution as a totality incorporating all the elements. There should be only one entry from an institution as a totality incorporating all the elements. It should be prepared and designed by the students, preferably a group of students, of an institution. The new logo and tagline should capture and reflect the new vision and dynamism as mentioned in the Project Gaandiva. (Annexure I)

The decision of the Ministry in selecting the entry shall be final and no further queries will be entertained.

Last date for submission: 8th July 2018, 23:00 hrs.

Guidelines and Application form for the program is enclosed here.

NAME : Miss. Keerthi Paleti
MOBILE : +91- 9666645318

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