SUMMER COACHING CAMP for the year 2018-19

To attract the children in the age group of 08 to 14 years for regular caching activity by utilizing summer vacations of the children and to identify the talented children at young age, to motivate them to continue the sports activity even after summer vacation, the sports Authority of AP propose to conduct Annual Summer coaching camps for the year 2018-19 in all the Urban and Rural centers of the districts

In the reference 3rd cited, it is resolved to revise the dates of conduct Annual Summer Coaching Camps for the year 2018-19 and confirmed to conduct from 24.04.2018 to 23.05.2018 in all urban and Rural centers of all Districts in Andhra pradesh.

All the CEO's are directed to take necessary steps for conduct of Annual Summer Coaching Camps 2018-19 with the approval of the district collector by utilizing the funds available with DSA, which will be reimbursed by SAAP.

Further, the CEO's are informed that number of camps shall be restricted to 50 in Rural and Urban areas in each district in sporting activities

Following guidelines are issued for conduct of the proposed

Annual Summer Coaching Camp 2018-19 in a befitting manner

1. Anuual Summer Coaching Camps-2018 shall be conducted from 24.04.2018 to 23.05.2018 in Urban and Rural areas of the Districts.

The Schedule for conduct of summer camps shall be as follows:

Morning Section : 5.00 A.M to 7.30 A.M

Evening Section : 5.30 P.M to 7.30 P.M

2. For the conduct of proposed camps the financial assistance of Rs.5.00 Lakhs per district (i.e., 50 centers × Rs. 10,000/- each) shall be met from DSA funds available, which will be reimbursed by SAAP.

3. The Procurement of sports Material and for the Maintenance of play field on an average @ Rs.10,000/- for each camp shall be met from the above grants. The distribution of budget for the proposed camps are as follows.

Distribution of Budget:

Sports Material and Maintenance of training play fields for each discipline : Rs.7,500/-

Honorarium to the coach                               : Rs.2,500/-

Total                                               : Rs.10,000/-

The services of the PDs/PETs, National Players, Sr. Players of respective disciplines shall be taken for conducting the camps by paying an Honorarium.

Further, the CEOs are informed that, where ever the pay & play schemes were introduced the expenditure towards honorarium to camp in-charges may be met from the collection of prescribed coaching fee under pay & play schemes at DSAs

4. The coaching camps shall conduct in 50 Urban and Rural Areas shall be conducted by DSAs.

5. Detail of Annual Summer coaching Camps-2018, timings and details of in-charge persons are to be kept on the notice board at DSA office, S.Ps office, DEOs office, concerned schools and Municipal office for the convenience of Public.

6. The CEOs in coordination with Chief coaches of concerned should see the summer camps are spread across all areas of the districts.

7. All the KVKs shall be used for summer camps

8. Regular attendance of the trainees shall be maintained.

9. Play fields shall be maintained properly to avoid injuries and necessary precautionary measures such as first aid kits etc., are to be arranged.

10. Drinking water shall be provided at every play field during coaching camp period.

11. The issue of participation certificates for the participants of the Summer Coaching Camps will be the responsibility of DSA only and no assistance for the said purpose will be extended from SAAP.

12. The expenditure for opening and closing funtions, printing of participation certificates, issue of certificates to the players on the conclusion day shall be met by the CEOs from the funds available at DSAs.

13. All the coach in charges shall submit the schedule for conduct of coaching camps in their respective disciplines.

14. A separate register for entries and issues of the sports material must be maintained by CEOs with concerned Chief Coach and it should made available for inspection.

15. All the equipment purchased for the summer coaching camps should be as per National Federation standards.

16. The Chief Executive Officer / Chief Coach shall inspect and monitor the Annual Summer Coaching camps in the District concerned and send a report to this office.

17. To inspire and motivate the participants, competitions shall be organized among the trainees at coaching centers with the help of sponsors/Philanthropists. Prizes/Certificates may be distributed.

18. The person in-charge of each camp shall be instructed to submit a detailed report to District Sports Authority along with attendance and talented players list after completion of the camp.

19. Respective Sports and Games Associations of DSA and AP Olympic Association and PET Associations are to be invited for participation in the camps. The CEOs will take necessary steps for conduct of Annual Summer Coaching Camps subject jto the availability of funds with DSAs concerned.

20. A Whatsapp group shall be formed for regular posting of Coaching Camp activities time to time.

21. If the SAAP / DSA coaches are not available, the services of the PDs /PETs , National Players of respective desciplines shall be taken for conduct of the Coaching Camps.

22. All the camps are under the online monitoring. The Coaches will upload the coaching activities, attendance, food, water, health and Play fields etc., every day. Initially M / s. Blue Frog will give one day training of coaches regarding uploading the online portal.

23. It is observed during the last year most of the non residential coaching camps held with very thin attendance. This year all the DSA should take care and see the full attendance till last day.

      All the CEOs are directed to adhere the above instructions and guidelines to conduct the Summer Coaching camps and to send the compliance report to SAAP through e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after successful completion of Summer Coaching Camps.

Residential Summer Coa Camps-2018
For below 14 years to 18 Years Boys & Girls
From 24th April to 14th May 2018

S. No. Discipline Boys/Girls Proposed Strength Coaches Proposed Venue Infra and Accommodation availability
1 Athletics Boys 20 Prasad Reddy
Athletic coach, CEO, ANU
Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur Yes Available
Girls 20 Vikunta Rao East Godavari
Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur Yes Available
2 Archery Boys 20 1.Raju Sports School, Kadapa
2. Naveen Kumar, Volga Academy
Volga Archery Archery Academy, Krishna Yes Available
Girls 20 Sudharashan Naidu - Academy Coach Volga Archery Archery Academy, Krishna Yes Available
3 Badminton Boys 20 G Sudhaara Reddy - DSA, Nellore DSA-A.C. Subbareddy Stadium, Nellore Yes Available
Girls 20 Ravi, Academy Coach DSA-A.C. Subbareddy Stadium, Nellore Yes Available
4 Boxing Boys 20 P. Mohan Gandhi-DSA, Visakapatnam Port stadium-vizag Yes Available
Girls 20 K. Trimurthulu - DSA, Visakapatnam Sanskruthi Globel School Vizag Yes Available
5 Ball Badminton Boys 25 B.Arun Kumar, PD, GMR College GMR College, Rajam, Srikakulam Yes Available
Girls 25 P.Ajay Kumar, Assn Coach GMR College, Rajam, Srikakulam Yes Available
6 Judo Boys 20 Parmeswara Rao Academy coach Ananthapur RDT Center Yes Available
Girls 20 Shankar Narayana Academy Coach Ananthapur RDT Center Yes Available
7 Fencing Boys 20 Ravindra, Assn Coach NTR Stadium Gudivada /KRR
Gowtham School
Yes Available
Girls 20 Sandya, Assn Coach NTR Stadium Gudivada /KRR
Gowtham School
Yes Available
8 Wrestling Boys 20 K Manohar - DSA, Guntur Srinivasa Sports Complex Tirupati Yes Available
Girls 20 K Kanaka Durga - DSA E.G Ananthapur RDT Center Yes Available
9 Weightlifting Boys 20 M Ramesh - DSA Visakapatnam Eluru Yes Available
Girls 20 V Satish Kumar DSA W.G East Godavari Yes Available
10 Handball Boys 25 1.L Devanandam - TSO, SAAP, Chief Coach
2. P Nagaraju - Guntur Asst Coach
DSA Stadium, Mini Stadium, Tenali Yes Available
Girls 25 B Srinivasarao - Chief Coach, DSA Krishna Vivekananda Jr College Tenali Yes Available
11 Kho-Kho Boys 25 N Avalaiah - DSA, Prakasam MSR Jr College - J.Panguluru (Prakasam) Yes Available
Girls 25 K Lova Papa Raju, DSA E.G ASR Stadium, Eluru Yes Available
12 Khabaddii Boys 25 Pvsv Prasad - DSA, E.G Peddapuram Sri Prakash High School Yes Available
Girls 25 K Jagadesh- DSA E.G Kakinada Yes Available
13 Basket Ball Boys 25 Vaikunta Rao Rudra - DSA, E.G Ramachandra puram - mini stadium Yes Available
Girls 25 K Jaganadh Reddy - Chief Coach, DSA Kurnool Kurnool, DSA Yes Available
14 Hockey Boys 25 A Ramesh Babu - SSS Complex Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Bhimavaram Yes Available
Girls 25 P Murallidhar - DSA, Guntur DSA Kakinada Yes Available
15 Football Boys 25 M Hari - DSA, Guntur Indira Priyadarshini Stadium
Steel plant vizag
Yes Available
Girls 25 M Pandurangarao -DSA-Nellore DSA Stadium, Nellore Yes Available
16 Roller Skating Boys 20 S.V Raja P.D Vizag Steel Plant /VGT Vuda Park Yes Available
Girls 20 Satyam (Artistic) Vizag Steel Plant /VGT Vuda Park Yes Available
17 Cannoning & Kayaking Boys 20 Siva Reddy - Ass coach Nagayalanka, Krishna Yes Available
Girls 20 Police Dept Deputed Nagayalanka, Krishna Yes Available
18 Volleyball Boys 25 P.V Ramana Rao - SAI, STC, VSKP Volleyball Coach SivanthiAdityan Academy -Ozili Yes Available
Girls 20 K Koteswararao - DSA, Krishna BV Raju College, Bhimavaram Yes Available
TOTAL Boys 400
Girls 400
Total 800

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