Each district of Andhra Pradesh will have a sports school with an estimated cost of Rs. 31.05 crore, said Sports Authourity of Andhra Pradesh Managing Director N. Chakravarti here on Sunday.

Speaking to mediapersons, he said that the school will take care of education and sporting needs of the players under a residential set up. “These schools will be set up based on popularity of games and sports in various districts. By following a decentralised policy sports will flourish equally in all 13 districts,” he felt.

Mr. Chakravarti said that there was an urgent need to spruce of infrastructure in Andhra Pradesh and the staging of National Games will lay a strong foundation for a new sports culture. “There is also need for using the cess on sand, excise and property tax for the development of sports,” he opined.

SAAP Managing Director advocated the active participation of the corporate sector in for the progress of sports. “Under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the corporate sector can be part of the vision to develop sports and games. We need to give a power-point presentation on the plan of action of the Government to convince the corporate world and multi-national companies”.

He highlighted the necessity of the pay-and-play scheme and also formulating schemes to generate income from the state-of-art infrastructure. “The stadiums should not become while elephants. They should be put to use astutely for income generation purposes”.

He said the sports authority of Andhra Pradesh will be set in Vijayawada as this region was selected for the formation of capital city.

Later, Mr. Chakravarti visited all the sports venues, playfields and grounds in the city along with District Sports Development Officer P. Ramakrishna.

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