New Sports Policy of Andhra Pradesh 2017-22

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Sports – Approval of “Andhra Pradesh Sports Policy 2017-22” to develop a sports culture for promoting participation and excellence in sports for happiness of all citizens of Andhra Pradesh – Orders – Issued.


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1. G.O.Ms.No. 84, YAT&C (Sports) Dept., date : 04.05.2000. 2. Minutes of meeting held by Hon’ble CM on sports on 27.10.2016. 3. G.O.Ms.3, YAT&C (Sports & YS) Department, Dated : 09.02.2017. 4. Council of Ministers Res olution No: 181/2017, Date: 15.05.2017. * * * O R D E R : Government vide reference 3rd read above issued orders introducing new "Andhra Pradesh Sports Policy, 2017- 22". Those orders are hereby rescinded as few additions have been made and since approval of Council of Ministers has been obtained vide reference 4th cited above.

2) The Sports policy in vogue in the state were issued vide G.O.Ms no 84, YAT & C (Sports) dated 04-05-2000. There were some definite gains by implementation of this policy across the State. This policy enabled spotting the talent, nurturing of identified talent and supporting participation in national and international events and thereby produce medal winners at National and International levels. .In several district headquarters, infrastructure was given a boost tapping both Central and State funds. Many sport- icons were produced from the year 2000, in the undivided State of Andhra Pradesh. Under the AP Reorganisation Act 2014, the State of AP was bifurcated in June 2014. AP State has been put to immense loss due to bifurcation. World-class infrastructure to host, to train, to exhibit talent is remaining in Telangana State. The government is aware that athletes of AP are today in urgent need of such infrastructure and training facilities.

3) There have been many sweeping changes in implementation of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programmes across the globe. More sophisticated equipment has come to play a role in training and in performance. Sport science has come to prevail in the thinking of sports bodies as a necessary tool to enhance performance. There is, today, a greater level of willingness and keenness on the part of private players to invest and get involved in conduct of competitions and building of modern play facilities. Taking note of all these changes, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh had initiated preparation of a new sports policy. The earliest consultation process in this direction was held in Acharya Nagarjuna University on 20th February, 2015 for development of a new sports policy. Several rounds of such discussions have evoked keen interest and participation from various quarters.

4) In a meeting with all concerned, Hon’ble Chief Minister reviewed the draft sports policy on 27th October, 2016 and made some suggestions. Hon’ble CM desired that a stakeholders meeting be conducted to finally wrap-up this effort. On 7th December, 2016, in the immediate presence of Secretary (Sports), Government of India, the stakeholders’ meeting was conducted at Amaravati. Several suggestions which were articulated during this stakeholders meeting, were addressed, discussed and disposed. The final draft was circulated for approval to Government by the Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh. The Council of Ministers in their meeting held on 15.05.2017 had approved the Andhra Pradesh Sports Policy, 2017-2022. The same was taken to the Council of Ministers for approval by the department. Approval of Council was obtained vide reference 4th cited.

5) The Government, after careful consideration and detailed examination of several issues connected to the area of sports involved in the sports policy, having obtained the suggestions of various stakeholders, hereby approve the Andhra Pradesh Sports Policy 2017-22, to develop a sports culture for promoting increased participation and for excellence in sports for all citizens of A.P as appended as Annexure-A to this order, replacing the existing Sports Policy issued vide G.O. first read above.

6) The AP Sports Policy will come into operation from the date of issue of this order and shall remain in force upto 31st March, 2022.

7) The Vice Chairman & Managing Director, sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada shall take necessary action, accordingly.



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